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Digital marketing is crucial to entrepreneurs and small business owners and can have a significant impact on the growth of businesses. [1]

You also need to shape your image, identify your target market, promote your new brand, advertise on printed shopping bags and promote good customer relationship management. [2]

Econsultancy’s online learning modules provide a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to basic digital marketing and e-commerce skills when you or your team needs to quickly upgrade your skills. [3]

Without marketing, your potential customers may never be unaware of their business offer, and your company may not have the chance to grow and succeed. [4]

Predictive Marketing at the top of the list of marketing skills value marketers value marketing capabilities in a platform buying ads, helping to provide optimized and increasingly customized advertising experiences. [5]

While mass data, customer travel and a uniform view of the consumer, AI-based Predictive Marketing is one of the top priorities for the coming months. [6]

Popular inbound marketing techniques include offering a voucher, a free report or an email newsletter that allows companies to contact potential customers. [7]

It should be positive and send messages to consumers, and customers should be able to easily connect to the products offered. [8]

Building relationships is a marketing strategy based on building a long term and mutually beneficial relationship between companies and customers. [9]

Given technological progress and the growing demands of consumers, there is no question of the company keeping up with technological progress without the help of AI. [10]

With the capabilities of most Google Analytics analytical tools, in particular Google Analytics, a web site designed with such an infrastructure can efficiently capture the necessary data, but requires customization to suit your needs and sophisticated techniques to ensure that you are able to achieve the desired measurement. [11]

Mood analysis, product recommendations, image and speech recognition – there are many areas in which AI has the potential to improve social networks. [12]

The table below shows a simple illustration of how AI can be used to improve marketing strategy based on three factors of customer behaviour: profit margin, probability of retention and potential long-term value for the company. [13]

AI enables marketers to tailor email campaigns to the individual tastes of each customer with a certain serendipity effect, where users are regularly delighted with new personalized offers without being saturated by repetitive content. [14]

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